Trending Now: Main Level Owner’s Suites

If you have gotten the chance to take a look at each home model that NVHomes offers here in Bay Forest, you may have noticed similarities in the floorplan layouts. In each home model, the Owner’s Suite is located on the main level of the home. This theme is no coincidence, as main level Owner’s Suites have become a rising trend in new home construction!

According to Builder Online’s article Trend Check: How Popular are Main Level Master Suites? (Very), there are many findings that show the large popularity of this style home. Main level master/owners suites have continued to gain popularity over the years after becoming more prominent in the mid to late 1980’s. There are many reasons that homeowners and homebuyers love this trend!

The two main reasons that we see this trend continue to grow are age and privacy. Main level master suites are increasingly popular with the generation of Baby Boomers who are reaching retirement age. For these homebuyers, aging means losing the ability to go up and down stairs frequently, so they tend to search for homes that have main level master bedrooms. Homebuilders are including main level masters/owners suites more often in order to cater to a larger market. A master suite on the main level of the home also provides privacy from the rest of the bedrooms in the household.

Another reason that main level owner’s suites are so popular, especially here at Bay Forest, is because they are very beneficial for a second home or resort home. Because second homes are used primarily during the summer or holiday months, the owners of the home may only use the main level to live year round, while the second level is for guests. Heating and air conditioning costs decrease when it is only necessary to heat or cool the lower level of a home. Bay Forest offers a lifestyle fit for the best of both worlds, whether you plan on being a seasonal resident or a resident all year round!

When choosing a new home by NVHomes at Bay Forest, there are a variety of sizes, prices, and styles to choose from – all with main level Master Suites! Come visit Bay Forest today to find your dream home in this amazing community!