Delaware Beach Communities Ride the “Wave of Success”

Recently, Delaware beach towns have been rising up on the charts as one of the most sought after vacation spots in the country.  Specifically, the town of Bethany Beach, was named a “Top Value Getaway for Fall 2015”, one of the “Best Secret Beaches on Earth”, and one of the “10 East Coast Beaches Making a Splash”. According to, numbers measuring Sussex County’s tourism are trending upwards in 2015. Additionally, communities like Bay Forest are seeing a growing interest in new home buying from people all over the East Coast.

The amazing weather during the last summer season put forward the best conditions to visit the beach and look for a new beach home. Current gas prices have also incentivized visits to the beach, saving travelers a decent chunk of change. During the past few seasons, Sussex County has seen more interest from New Jersey and New York residents, partially due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Jersey shoreline.

The executive director of Delaware’s Department of Tourism, Linda Parkowski, said that she expects upward tourism trends to continue, largely due to the popularity of Sussex County’s coast, which is also being known as the “culinary coast”. With the tourism and real estate markets both on the rise in the county, chefs and owners are looking at the area to open food businesses similar to that of  “what you would see in larger cities at affordable prices.” Bethany Beach and Dewey Beach are both attractive locations for these entrepreneurs to open up shop.

Not only are the summer months becoming more and more popular, but the fun meter in Sussex County does not drop when the temperature does. Many of the local areas, including Bethany Beach, continue to hold community events and festivals well through the fall and into the winter months. At Bay Forest in Bethany Beach, we are proud to bring our residents year-round activities, events, and amenities. With the continued growth of our new Phase III neighborhoods, there are amazing opportunities to buy a new home in Bay Forest this season! Stop by and visit us today to check out new beach homes from both of our amazing builders.