5 Beachy Bedroom Basics

Looking to create a fresh, new look for your beach home this fall? Be sure to consider these beachy bedroom basics:


A Soothing Seaside Color Palette: Fresh, cooling hues of blue create the perfect base for any seaside space—as you can see here in our Seabrook model home! The soft blues and muted mint tones, reminiscent of the sandy beaches and cool blue ocean at Bethany Beach create a serene, truly beachy feel in any bedroom.







Coastal-Textured Bedding: Everyone knows that beautiful bedding leads to a good night’s sleep! As you can see here in our Seabrook model, by adding a few coastal textures or nautical prints to your bedding you’re sure to sleep soundly in your beautiful new beach home.









Sea-Inspired Accent Pillows: Looking to accentuate your coastal bedding? Throw a few sea-inspired accent pillows into the mix to make any room feel cozy—and undeniably coastal, as you can see here in our Ashford model!







Seaside Artwork: Add few pieces of seaside-inspired artwork to heighten the coastal feel of any bedroom! The possibilities are endless—there are just so many different types of seaside, nautical and coastal artwork out there, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to match your style.





Classic Coastal Accents: Of course, no coastal home could be complete without a few coastal accents! Pick and choose a few of your favorite coastal motifs to place around the house, or display a collection of your favorite sea shells in a new and unique way, for example—by encasing in an all-glass lamp as you can see here in our Ashford model!



For more beach home design and coastal decor inspiration, be sure to check out Bay Forest’s beautiful collection of coastal homes on FacebookPinterest and Houzz!